There are three important criteria in life, the production of food, the reduction of man made energy and the safety of human life. Mandoval Vermiculite plays a major role in all three. Going back over 45 years Mandoval Vermiculite was originally registered as a subsidiary of a well know mine in palabora, its purpose to establish markets for vermiculite. Vermiculite plays an important role throughout the economy particularly in the Agricultural, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing and Horticultural sectors. Vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance. Vermiculite is hydrated phlogopite mica, which has the remarkable ability to expand many times its original volume when heated, a process known as exfoliation.

Although there are a number of other vermiculite sources worldwide. The vermiculite sold by Mandoval Vermiculite has a number of unique properties which differentiates it from other sources which are:

  • Mandoval’s Vermiculite is totally asbestos free

  • The exfoliation process makes use of pure gas thus ensuring there is no dioxine and other impurities

  • The product also has a high yield during the exfoliation process making Mandoval’s product an excellent insulator

  • Mandoval Vermiculite is the only vermiculite company in South Africa that complies with International Code ISO 9001:2008 in manufacturing.

  • Like most mined products there always is a certain amount of grit contamination. The Mandoval process of exfoliation ensures the majority of this grit is removed

These unique properties make Mandoval ’s Vermiculite ideally suited for the following:

  • A growing medium

  • A carrier for animal nutritional products

  • A loose fill insulation material in roofs

  • A packing medium especially where dangerous goods are being transported

  • A safe alternative from asbestos in friction linning products

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    In fact the use of Mandovals Vermiculite expands more than the few mentioned above but are further detailed under our products and services. Click here to read more about Mandoval Vermiculite horticulture applications. On the health a safety side of Mandoval’s Vermiculite business this covers a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products which you can read about here.