Fire Protective Coatings & Systems

Passive Fire Protection products play a major role in all building design and are incorporated under section T of the national building regulations 0400. Containing a potential fire to its source and preventing the spread of toxic and corrosive gases throughout a building is an integral part building safety as well as the prevention of structural collapse. Mandoval’s passive fire protection products include, fire stopping seals, coatings for structural steel and fire rated boards.

Fire Stopping Seals

The importance of containing a fire to its source and preventing it spreading along electrical cables or PVC pipes is of utmost importance. Mandoval Vermiculites range of fire stopping material comprises of a variety of flame sealers


A tough, permanent, non-intumescent fire protective coating for electrical cables and penetration seals. It is most used, most tested, best proven fire retardant cable coating in the world today. In use since 1967 in tropic as arctic environments, it has prevented major conflagrations by stopping flame propagation along cable bundles and cable trays. KBS-Coating is used for application directly to grouped cables and also as coating and sealant for mineral wool panels used as the KBS-Panel Penetration Seal .Mineral wool Panels may be coated by spray or with a wide trowel.

KBS-Panel Penetration Seal

Consists of structural firm mineral wool panels with KBS-Coating on the exposed sides. The Penetration Seal is used for the fire-resistant closing of any size of opening in walls or floors, providing a smoke and gas-tight seal around all penetrating utilities such as cables, cable trays, pipe and ducts.

KBS Mortar Seal

A light weight mortar of low compressive strength. It expands while setting, guaranteeing a smoke tight seal without cracks. Easy to retrofit and preferably used in large openings with complex cable installations.

KBS Pipe Seal M and OSI

Have a chemically reacting as well as mechanical strangling device in a steel casing to seal plastic. Pipes in wall or ceiling penetrations. They are the only pipe seal devices rated for pipes up to 500 mm! The KBS® Pipe Seal system also accommodates diagonal penetration pipes at various angles, pipes with 90° bends close to wall or ceiling as well as bundles of pipes in one seal.


Special “fire pillows” preferably used for penetrations where subsequent changes and retrofitting are expected. It is a seal most easy to install. These bags, made of high –grade fire glass with a combination of fillers, expand under heat exposure up to 45 % and then harden into a hose-stream resistant solid block.

KBS Caulking

For an economical fire sealing solution for plastic pipes up to 110mm DIAAn intumescent sealant for the fire protection of cables, metal and plastic pipes, especially for penetrations in small core drill holes or in KBS® Panel Seal INT.

Pyrosafe WB

Pyro safe WB is a water based intumescent fire retardant coating which provides excellent protection to structural steel and can also be used as a fire protective coating on wood and electrical cables.

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Sapphire Flame Retardant

Sapphire is especially adapted to the treatment of natural and synthetic fibre textiles such as curtains, work-clothes, bedspreads,work-gloves, mattress ticking, rugs, curtains, work-clothes, bedspreads, work-gloves, rugs, carpets, upholstery, tenting materials etc. There are many speciality products for which Sapphire will be found ideal, including straw, dried grass matting and certain synthetic plastics such as Styrofoam and styrene. No home, institution, hospital or place of public gathering should ever be without the protection offered by Sapphire.

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Mandoval Insulation Panel

The Mandoval Insulation Panel has no adverse environmental effects on the environment. This panel can be used for various insulation applications including heat and fire insulation and is also used in fire stopping seals used in combination with Pyrosafe WB Intumescent Coating for through penetration fire stops.

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Mandoval CS Fire Board

The Mandoval Calcium Silicate Fire Board is a smooth asbestos free fire board with good thermal conductivity, tested and approved by German and British authorities. There are various applications where this board can be used.

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