Fire Proofing Products

Passive fire protection products play a major role in all building design and are incorporated under section t of the National building regulations 0400. Containing a potential fire to its source and preventing the spread of toxic and corrosive gases from spreading throughout a building is an integral part building safety as well as the prevention of structural collapse.

Fire Protective, Decorative and Acoustic Plasters

Mandoval Vermiculite based plasters are used in general building plasters (both hand and spray applied) to improve coverage, ease of handling, adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, fire resistance, and resistance to chipping/cracking/shrinkage.

Tekrok C

Tekrok C is a new generation fireproofing plaster for use in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. It has recently been modified using advanced chemical technology improving durability and workability. This plaster is a factory premix product that can be troweled or spray applied and has been officially tested by the SABS for 120 minute fire protection and is in compliance with the NFPA58 specification for flammable gas storage vessels. Tekrok C is packaged in 20kg PVC bag

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Tekrok S

Tekrok S is an economically proven Vermiculite cement premix material for fireproofing of structural columns and beams in commercial buildings or as a fire barrier system as well as in certain applications, a condensation control material. As a spray applied monolithic coating. Tekrok S is of particular benefit where economic and speed of applications are the main considerations. Tekrok S provides a number of benefits over conventional materials. Tekrok is packaged in 15KG PVC bags.

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Tekrok T.G (Trowel Grade)

Tekrok T.G is a modified form of Tekrok C through the addition of chemical additives. Tekrok T.G is used as a penetration seal for 120 mins where material structural stability is required. Tekrok T.G plaster consists of Vermiculite, Cement, Lime, Mica and Thixotropic chemical additives which assist when troweling. This plaster should only be applied by an approved specialist contractor for the use on structural steel and LPG vessels in the petrochemical industry. Tekrok T.G is specifically designed to meet the needs of Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Industries to withstand high thermal shock experienced in high intensity hydrocarbon fuelled fires.

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Tekrok Castable

Tekrok Cast has been specially formulated as a cast in place material.Tekrok Cast is used as an encasement for structural columns where fire protection as well as aesthetics is required.

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VIP Plaster

VIP plaster is a specially formulated blend of Vermiculite, gypsum and other additives. This plaster is used in many applications such as infill of large cracks and voids, infill of electrical conduit channels and junction box cavities etc.

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Benefits of Mandoval Fire Protective Plaster

  • Excellent coverage

  • Easy handling

  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

  • Durability

  • SABS Tested to 120 minutes in Hydrocarbon conditions

  • Tested to NFAPA 58 for protection of flammable liquid storage vessels.

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